We'll provide targeted lists, custom designs with logo, print and mail, at a lower cost for an order of 1 card, than our competitors require 100,000!   Here's How

About Us

How Can We Charge Such Low Costs on Very Small Quantities Ordered?

We group tens of thousands of USA businesses into batches to provide the mailing of a 4 color glossy 6 x 9 personalized postcard at an incredibly low cost due to our group buying power.

Normally the greater the quantity that you purchase in printing the lower the cost per card. Normally the more targeted data that you buy the lower the cost per data record.

Because our printing and data acquisition batching is so huge we are able to give you costs per postcard mailed as if you were buying tens of thousands of postcards; but now you can order a quantity as small as 1 single postcard!

We Only Use the Most Dependable Data, from Acxiom


It's certainly not inexpensive to mail a postcard and therefore you really need to know about the accuracy and timeliness of the data. Using great data is a large percentage of our overall cost!

For example if you are depending upon new mover data, there are data suppliers that use cheap old data based upon county filings by attorneys that may have several months to file--and that is not what you want.

There are also new mover data suppliers that use new phone connects data and assume that it is a new mover and not just a resident adding a new phone line!

We only use the best data out there--www.Acxiom.com

See this article on Acxiom.

It's Not Just Low Costs, It's the Time Savings that Really Benefits Our Customers! It's the Real Cost...

If someone FREELY gave you targeted marketing data and FREELY gave you, for example, 50 post cards and even said they would actually pay the postage for you, the real problem is: Where do you find the time to write a message and put your return address and the address of the people you are sending the post card to?

Just 50 cards alone could take you at least 5 minutes per card! That would mean you would spend 250 minutes (4 hours and 10 minutes) with just 50 postcards! Is your time worth $20 an hour? Well that's over $80 of your valuable time manually sending out postcards! Think of it---If you were to add in the cost of your precious time it would cost you $1.60 per card!

Our automated online batching system puts effective promotion of your business on auto-pilot!


  1. Pick a card out of our Library
  2. Your business name will be inserted on the front of the card and it will say: See <Business Name> offer on back! Additionally you can choose whether or not to auto insert the addressee’s full name on the front of the postcard.
  3. Store any message you like that gets dynamically added to the back of the card
  4. Choose the data that you want to mail
  5. Fund your account with postcard mailing credits that has no expiration date to use your credits, so you can order as small a quantity as one single postcard when you want to send.

Do you realize what the cost would be for a postcard company to acquire the targeted list, print a changeable offer on to a 6X9 postcard, and auto store your offer and do all the postal operations to put your whole campaign on auto-pilot? It doesn't exist, but if it did you would pay $3.00 a postcard for under 1,000 cards! Postcard companies would laugh at you if you told them you wanted to custom print and mail even under 1,000 cards.

We can provide you our "soup to nuts" service which includes everything from data acquisition costs to putting the postcard in the mail at a cost per card that's way less than your valuable time!

What's the investment to do this? Are you thinking you have to fund your account with several thousands of dollars just to get into our postcard buying group? Nope! You can set up an account and fund it for just $198, which will give you 200 mailing credits that you can use at any time! That's 99 cents total cost!

It gets even better if you are a gorilla postcard mailer as you can fund your account with just 1,000 postcard credits and get down to just 79 cents total cost per custom designed mailed postcard using our highly targeted lists!

We batch and mail weekly!

Use the contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Thank you for your valuable time!

Marketing Postcards for Targeted Consumers with Custom Designs & Mailing Included